Oklahoma’s Only

Sandbelt Golf Experience

A site to behold

During the Pleistocene epoch, some 2.5 million years ago, a unique sandbelt was deposited in Northwest Oklahoma. Like the now-famous dunes of Kansas and Nebraska to the north, these geographic features make a perfect golf course site.

Nestled along the banks of the North Canadian River, Boiling Springs sits on a piece of land so perfectly suited for golf that architect Jeff Blume describes it as a "once in a lifetime canvas to work with". Located in Woodward, Oklahoma, just two and a half hours from Oklahoma City, Boiling Springs Golf Club is close enough for a day trip but far enough for a weekend getaway.

The 6,500 yard, par-71 course was opened in 1979 and originally designed by Donald Sechrest. Over the following decades, Boiling Springs' sandbelt character was lost to inconsistent maintenance practices and invasive red cedars. In 2013, a massive overhaul began, starting with removing unwanted vegetation that masked the beauty of the terrain. From there, architect Jeff Blume completed greens and bunker renovations. Since, the team at Boiling Springs has worked diligently to restore the course to its sandbelt roots. The result is a truly unexpected golf experience in Northwest Oklahoma.

The course is routed through 120 acres of wildly undulating dunes. It features elevation changes created by the meandering of the North Canadian River over centuries. Native grasses, oak trees, black walnuts, elms, and mulberry trees abound. Panoramic vistas and an abundance of local wildlife highlight the experience. Boiling Springs will captivate your heart and senses. It will forever change your perspective of what golf is and what golf should be.

There is something special awaiting you in Northwest Oklahoma.

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